It is an undisputed fact that Venice is perhaps one of the most visited cities in the world. It rises out of the Adriatic Sea, steaming with an undeniably romantic ambiance. The city is noted for its unforgettable gondolas, gorgeous squares filled with life as well as its stunning palaces. Riding down Venice’s enchanting canals is surely an unforgettable and moving experience that everyone should have.

This article presents readers with a breakdown of all the noteworthy sites you simply must see when you find yourself in this magical city.

The Grandeur of the Grand Canal

One of Venice’s main attractions, perhaps there has never been a thoroughfare so fitting of its name as the Grand Canal. This is simply an experience one cannot miss for the world. Going along its waters, one can clearly see the reflection of the glorious Venetian architecture found along the banks. At the end of the city’s waterway, you will find the Palazzo Ducale and the Basilica di San Marco to top off an already amazing cruise down.

However, readers should take note that this is not the only noteworthy sight to see on the waterway, as Venice holds a lot of secrets. Hiding in the narrow backstreets you will find quaint neighborhood churches with their own unique beauty. There are some stunningly lined with marbles while another basilica plays host to a single Titian painting that never fails to take the breath away.

Enjoying the Food

Of course, like with all cities, a trip to Venice is never truly complete without sampling the local cuisine. Remember that the food itself is a part of the Venetian culture dating back to the days of the spice route. It is also worth noting that the garden islands and the lagoon aquaculture of the city have been known to provide a unique source of produce and seafood that you simply will not find anywhere else.

There is certainly no shortage of great feasts in the city of Venice. Just make sure to enjoy a proper sit-down Venetian meal, down by the lagoon. The seafood and the view of the canalside bistros are simply incomparable to anything else.

Take your time to truly enjoy Venice. A couple of days simply will not do, if you wish to truly understand this beautiful city.